Future Game — Uncanny Resemblance

Game Summary


Keys embedded inside your arm have trackers on them, humanoids released into the maze can detect your location. For them to collect the keys, they must tear apart your body and rip it out.


humanoid-player sketch

Difference between Players and Humanoids

  • they cannot speak to you, but you may hear them make deep breathing sounds
  • immortal
  • night vision
  • cannot enter tunnels

Humanoids may only rip out one key at a time, it takes them 10 seconds to retrieve a key. While a humanoid is fixed on a player, you may sneak past them and escape.


Players have access to a voice chat and all players can communicate with one another throughout the whole map. Beware, the voice chat is disabled for 30-seconds every time a humanoid collects a key.

When players die, they will reappear in the maze as invisible ghosts and may maneuver objects around the maze to slow down humanoids or to scare fellow players.



Potions: grants you special powers that may make you invisible to humanoids, have night vision, or super speed. The duration of the potion’s effect will range from 10 to 30 seconds.


  • shield: grants you an extra life if you are caught by a humanoid. You will immediately be relocated somewhere randomly on the map.
  • green card: you will have a floating green indicator above your character, and other players can easily detect that you are not a humanoid.
  • GPS blocker: you will not appear on all humanoid radars for 20-seconds.

The Maze


That’s a Wrap

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Veronica Yung

Welcome! I am a game dev student who plays absolutely no games, however, I like to wake up at 6 AM to jot down ideas… and so that’s exactly what I write about.